About Us

Hello, My name is Sylwia and I am an Aesthetician and Beautician

I am beautician and aesthetician with 13 years of experience and over 50 diplomas.

Originally coming from Poland, based in the UK last 10 years.

I have completed my cosmetology degree in Poland and then I left and came to the UK, where I continued my career, and gradually I was building up my skills until now as I am a fan of constant and never-ending improvements.

I do offer wide range of beauty treatments, aesthetics, and body shaping. Passionate about women’s natural beauty and impact of self-confidence which is strongly connected to our look and how we feel about our face & body. I am fan of Chinese medicine, alternative medicine and I do believe it’s crucial to have a balance between body and mind in regards of being successful in life according to the relationship, mental health and overall happiness.

Privately, I am happy owner of two beautiful Maltese girls, I like active and healthy lifestyle, but I am against any diets. Not into any religion, more spiritual and believe in karma.

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