Nails, Extension Eyelashes and Semi Permanent Make-Up Zone


Nails, Extension Eyelashes and Semi Permanent Make-Up Zone


PERMANENT MAKE-UP is a procedure involving the introduction of a dye into the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis. The pigment introduced in this way remains in the skin from one to several years, depending on the pigmentation technique, dye color, age and skin type. Properly made permanent makeup looks very natural. The techniques I use are soft, delicate and in line with modern trends. During the visit, we discuss the available methods and select them according to the type of skin and the effect we want to achieve – thanks to the individual approach to each client, permanent makeup looks completely natural and aesthetic.


Permanent makeup helps to get an expressive look, makes our lips full and has a beautiful, expressive color, gives shape to our eyebrows – in a word, thanks to it we can cleverly and easily emphasize what we care about the most.


I offer my clients permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips. They are completely safe and allow for a delicate, natural beauty and clever masking of any imperfections. Permanent makeup also saves time – after all, it does not require daily corrections. Therefore, it is an ideal option for women who suffer from a chronic lack of time in the morning and for those who, for example, train water sports and do not trust waterproof cosmetics.


Thickening and lengthening eyelashes will allow you to obtain the effect of thicker, longer eyelashes and captivating look at any time of the day or night, in all weather conditions. Especially for women who want to thicken, lengthen and thicken their natural eyelashes without any effort, various methods of eyelash extension have been created: classic – eyelash extension using the 1: 1 method and volumetric eyelash styling. A properly made application looks natural and light, is safe for natural eyelashes, and allows you to model the shape of the eye without weighing it down optically.


We mainly offer nail styling with the hybrid method, gel nail extension and pedicure. We also do nail art. Our talented stylist will create for you whatever you want!


Our distinguishing feature is the high quality of our services. We use the highest quality materials and tools. We guarantee durability and workmanship. We make nail styling with a special method, thanks to which your nails will not fall off even after a few weeks!